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Amy's Platform

Improving the Skewed Perceptions of our City

My platform is focused on keeping families here in Vegas because, at the end of the day, it’s families that make up our community.  What keeps families in Las Vegas?  In a word, it’s opportunity.

We are proud of our reputation as an entertainment and hospitality destination, but we all know that we as Las Vegans can offer so much more!  I will work to expand our economy to include new industries that diversify our economy and open up new avenues for our talented citizens to show the world what we can do.

United with No Ward Left Behind

We are a community of hospitality providers and casino workers, but we are also a city of teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, electricians, construction workers, and so many other fields that make for a strong city. As mayor, I believe in promoting our town as, not only a travel destination, but as a place where people can raise a family and feel pride in contributing to building an even better community.

Improving Education

What really makes opportunity possible is education, something that our kids need to make their dreams a reality.  As Mayor, I will work to improve our school system to ensure that every child that in this city receives the education they need to take on the world and make it their own.  I say this, not only as a proud Las Vegan, but as a mother as well.

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